Everything, from land and water to health and human rights, is intimately linked to the issue of free trade. For the vast majority of people, and especially those in the poorer regions of the world, free trade not only hinders development – it causes relentless waves of violence and impoverishment on their lives. Tandon suggests an alternative model to this devastation, one founded on self-sustaining, non-violent communities engaged in trade based on the real value of goods and services. Herewith he tears down the working of organisations like the WTO and agreements like the EU-Africa EPA, and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Prof_Tandon_31Yash Tandon, 
author of ‘Trade is War’, is Honorary Professor at Warwick and London Middlesex University. He is the Founder-Chairman of SEATINI (Southern and Eastern African Trade Information and Negotiations Institute), and former Executive Director of the South Centre, a think tank of the Global South.

Watch Yash Tandon repeat his highly controversial argument in this video.

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During his lecture ‘The West’s War Against the World’ Yash Tandon discussed the devastating mechanism of global businesses. He provoked the audients in a lively speech, saying “the whole framework of free trade is a lie or hypocrisy”, where after saying: “it’s a Eurocentric thought to think that if trade works for the West it also works for the rest of the world. But it’s naive”. An interesting discussion followed.