Global values in a changing worldIn an attempt to establish a world in which people’s basic rights and needs are provided for, International treaties, conventions, and declarations have been developed, and an increasing number of states, including those in the South, have ratified them and incorporated them into national legislation. These global norms and standards are relevant for international development, as they provide a necessary framework of underlying principles and values for citizens to live together in a globalizing world. The international community via the UN and its various institutions has adopted the responsibility to set global norms and standards such as Human Rights, Democracy, International Law, and Decent Work. They seem to reflect international values, systems and convictions, but an international mechanism for implementing these agreements or to hold states accountable for not doing so, is still mostly lacking. In reality, states are responsible, but slow in implementing these agreements.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The output of the 2010-2011 SID Lecture Series ‘Global Values in a Changing World’ will be published soon.

SID NL published a book, based on the lectures and discussion of this series, please find more information here.

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18 October 2010: Willem van Genugten
Universality of Human Rights: The Way Forward  Summary Report
8 November 2010: Inge Kaul Output:
Meeting Global Challenges: Regaining Sovereignty  Summary Report
13 December 2010: David Booth
‘Country Ownership’ when there is no Social Contract: Towards a realistic perspective Summary Report
Report Brainstorm Session
17 January 2011: Patricia Almeida Ashley Output:
Social Responsibility in a Context of Change: from Corporate and Organizational to Networks, Markets and Territories Summary Report
PPT Presentation
7 February 2011: Paul Collier
The Role of External Internentions Redefined  Summary Report
21 March 2011: Gary Dymski Output:
Disconnected Societies: Rich versus Poor in the Development Debate Summary Report
PPT Presentation
18 April 2011: Shi Yinhong
Universal Norms and China’s Complexity in Addressing ‘Global’ Security Challenges Summary Report
Article Shi
16 May 2011: Hein de Haas Output:
Migration and Development: Policy Potentials and Policy Illusions Summary Report
PPT Presentation
Report Expert Meeting
20 June 2011: Kate Nash
We are the World? Global Citizenship and its Limits Summary Report
Report Brainstorm Session
14 September 2011: Conference: “Global Values in a Changing World: Challenging Universality” Output:
On Wednesday 14 September 2011 the Society for International Development (SID), in cooperation with Amnesty International, PwC, NCDO and the Worldconnectors, organized its annual conference in The Hague. It was the closing event of the 2010-2011 Lecture Series ‘Global Values in a Changing World: Challenging Universality’.Speakers included: Jack Donnelly (University of Denver), Meghna Abraham (Amnesty International), Seth Kaplan (Alpha International Consulting), Tom Zwart (School of Human Rights Research), David Forsythe (University of Nebraska-Lincoln). Summary Report
Video Summary