On 27 January 2012, the 8th Knowledge for Development Conference took place in Utrecht. The meeting was organised by IDS (Utrecht University) in cooperation with SID NL, HIVOS (The Hague), FNV International (Amsterdam), and IOB (Antwerp University).

In light of contemporary transformations, such us the growing importance of new donors (China, India) and new investors, the Conference critically assessed the meaning of development. It discussed the role of new actors in the South in relation to attempts to define new global poverty agendas. How do these relations influence the notion of development – ‘which development’ are they providing? What are the geopolitical implications of the new South-South and South-North relations? And: how to deal with these new realities in the post-2015 period? Do we need new development goals? Read a full introduction to the Conference here.

During the day-long conference Aderanti Adepoju (Human Resource Development Centre, Lagos) and Stephen Ellis (African Studies Centre) delivered keynote speeches and there were presentations of current trends in China, Mozambique and Ethiopia moderated by Parvati Raghuram (Utrecht University). In the afternoon parallel sessions took place on different topics including new donors, responsible investments and development, diasporas and development, the role of civil society, and the MDGs.

A report of the Conference can be downloaded here.