The Netherlands Chapter of the Society for International Development is governed by a Board. The Board is supported by a secretariat and by a number of advisors and ambassadors. The Board oversees the organisation, is involved in the strategic development of projects and safeguards the coherence of the agenda with national and international developments. The Board consists of the following members:


 René Grotenhuis – President  Chairman of SID-Netherlands
 Arthur de Groot – Treasurer  Deloitte
 Ruud Nijs – Vice President  The Rock Group
 Evelien van Egmond – Secretary  Hivos
 Kees Biekart  Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
 Bert van Steeg  Detailhandel Nederland
 Josine Stremmelaar  Hivos
 Chimwemwe De Gaay Fortman  Rabobank

Our Board members are not remunerated for their work

If you wish to contact the board, please e-mail f.dehaan (@)

René Grotenhuis, President © Machiel Doelman
René Grotenhuis