On 10 February 2014, Director of the Centre for Democracy and Citizenship at Augsburg College, Harry Boyte held a lecture titled ‘Citizens at the Centre of the Globalising World’. Boyte warned that technocratic creep thwarts citizen efforts to self-organise. A growing detachment between professionals and citizens arises, which devalues other kinds of knowledge. In his lecture Boyte told about his experiences in the Obama campaign and in the anti-segregation movement. His main argument was that politics should be citizen-centred instead of consumed by the masses.

In the subsequent discussion, Boyte answered questions about the need of government to pose rules and regulations and potentially dangerous forces such as the Tea Party in the US.

You can read his entire speech here.
A report, summarising the lecture and the discussion, can be found here.

For a report on Dr. Boyte’s most recent research, click here.

Watch the video interview with Harry Boyte and Fiona Dove (TNI) below.