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Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall the world is starting to move away from the ‘unipolar moment’ towards a multipolar world. Several non-Western economies have been reaching annual growth figures which shadow those of most Western countries, as a result reducing the West’s relative weight. Aside from differences in economic growth, differences in endowment of natural resources, price developments of energy, food and raw materials, and the changing relevance of these ‘strategic commodities’ in light of (future) scarcities, all contribute to the power shifts that are taking place. The current economic downturn will contribute hugely to these shifts as some countries and regions are bound to suffer more than others. These factors combined are contributing to a gradual redistribution of power, with the international system moving towards an increasingly multipolar world.

Common Goods in a Divided World Programme and Background Paper

19 October 2009: Herman Wijffels Output:
A changing world order and the provision of global public goods Outline speech
16 November 2009: Aart de Geus Output:
Sustainable Economic Development in Times of Economic Down Turn Speech
14 December 2009: Andrew Mack
Human Security
18 January 2010: Seth Kaplan Output:
Global Security (fragile states) PPT Presentation
15 February 2010: Richard Black
Migration PPT Presentation
15 March 2010: Yvo de Boer Output:
Climate Cooperation PPT Presentation
Article BBC News
19 April 2010: Robert Falkner
International Cooperation in a Multi-Stakeholder World
17 May 2010: Hannah Edinger Output:
New Actors in Development Cooperation PPT Presentation
9 June 2010: Mark Leonard
The Relevance of Europe in a Changing World
30 September 2010: Closing Conference – Common Goods in a Divided World – Getting on the Road: Actors – Arrangements – Agendas Output:

On Thursday 30 September 2010 the Society for International Development (SID), in cooperation with Clingendael Institute and the Round Table of Worldconnectors, organized its yearly Senate Conference in The Hague. It was the closing event of the 2009-2010 Lecture Series ‘Common Goods in a Divided World: Challenges and Opportunities for International Cooperation’.

The morning session, taking place in the Old Chamber of the House of Representatives, focused on the possibilities to come to a workable form of global governance to manage today’s global challenges. The afternoon session in the Dutch Senate zoomed in on the role of Dutch foreign policies in the globalized world. Mr. Jos van Gennip, who was recently succeeded by René Grotenhuis as president of SID-NL, rounded of the day with an inspiring farewell lecture. 

 Background Paper
Summary Report
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