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The 2011-2012 series ‘The State in a Globalising World: problematic, yet indispensable’ looked at how the concept of the state and its roles are defined in different parts of the world, and at the ways in which states cooperate with other states. The series also looked at other actors, including civil society and the private sector, which increasingly operate on a global level: what issues are dealt with at local, regional, national and international level: what is left to the private sector, and what role could be played by NGOs at the different levels? Can we expect the national triangle of state-market-civil society to be replicated at the international level? Or should we move beyond this classic triangle? 

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14 November 2011: Stephen Ellis Output:
The Role of the State in the Development Process: Notes from Africa Summary Report
16 January 2012: Alcides Costa Vaz Output:
Multipolarity of States or Regions? Summary Report PowerPoint Article Volkskrant
13 February 2012: Ummu Salma Bava Output:
Regional Cooperation: The Case of Europe Summary Report
12 March 2012: René Cuperus Output:
All Politics is Domestic Politics!? Summary Report Critique
26 March 2012: James Cameron Output:
The State and Global Common Goods: The Challenge of Interdependency Summary Report Video interview
16 April 2012: William Savedoff Output:
Towards Multipolarity? New models for international cooperation Summary Report
Article Volkskrant
Article ViceVersaOnline
Article Speaker
Expert meeting Report
21 May 2012: Tak-Wing Ngo Output:
The Relevance of the State in a Globalising World Summary Report
18 June 2012: Hilary Wainwright Output:
Social Change, Civil Society, and the Role of the State Summary Report
Article Kennisland
14 September 2012: Closing ConferenceThe state in a globalising world: Providing water in Africa Output:

On Friday September 14 the SID NL annual conference took place in the Glazen Zaal in The Hague. This year we cooperated with the African Studies Centre (ASC) and Vitens Evides International (VEI), supported by NCDO and the Worldconnectors.

The conference is the closing session of the SID 2011-2012 Lecture Series ‘The State in a Globalizing World: problematic, yet indispensable’, in which we aimed to understand the changing role of the nation state, and its relations with other actors including other states, corporates and civil society. During the conference we applied gained knowledge to the vital theme of providing water. We looked at the cooperation of a private partner with both the Dutch and an African State in providing drinking water to households. What works and what does not? Who is responsible for what within the reality of multi-level-governance, among a variety of actors? 

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Summary Report
Video Report
Article Vice Versa