7040599487_0c7c906d48_oHelp SID-NL raise funds for our SID-ISS Spring Debate Series on global development issues. Support us so we can keep facilitating this platform for debate, for people to gather, discuss ideas, and expand their knowledge.


As part of this campaign, we present to you:
The ‘Human Library’, where you can lend out people instead of books. The books available for your ‘reading’ pleasure:


Ttile: Balkan Activist

Description: a story about… dreams and pacifism in war-times
passion, values and beliefs in activism
challenges of political and social transformations
struggles of institutional reforms
and plenty of discoveries and joys of the Balkans region.


Title: The End of Development: Non-western Philosophies of Wellbeing

Description: in my work as a diplomat and development analyst I encountered frequent prejudices about non-western worldviews. This book is about how stereotypes on developed and underdeveloped perpetuate a neo-colonial mindset, in both the developing and developed world. What can we learn from non-western societies about a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing for all? And how does this fit into our new framework for sustainable development goals? The book explores synergies between African philosophies, native American ideas and Buddhist happiness principles.


Title: Discussing International Development

Description: Who talks with who and what about?
As producer and facilitator I wonder what we should do to make up our minds in an open way. What can we do to come to new insights? Who is the messenger, what is the source? What are the stories and insights we close our eyes and ears for? Is this always serious business or may we have a good laugh about International Development?


Title: A Glossy Magazine on our Personal Drives to Create a Better World

Description: Do feel like taking some time for yourself and to relax with a cup of coffee and a glossy magazine? Perfect. You can just browse this magazine and pick some pieces that fit you mood.
Table of contents: 1. Introduction by the author: why a glossy magazine on personal drives to create a better world?
2. Dreams and Dialogues: an interview with yourself on how your better world looks like.
3. Personal story: personal insights, thoughts and work that motivates her to create a better world.
4. Reflections: can you change the world on you own? How do you mobilise others? What are do’s and don’ts?
5. Food, Fashion & Lifestyle: we consume on a daily basis, with a greater awareness of various supply chains. How do we anticipate on this awareness when we buy products?
6. Horoscope: dreams and imaginations on how you will change the world.


This event will give you the unique opportunity to gain insights and broaden your knowledge whilst also contributing to making sure SID can continue to organise our debate series next Spring!

Date: Thursday 1 December
Time: 16.00h – 18.00h
Location: Coffee Lounge (2nd floor), ISS, the Hague
Admission: Any donation to SID!

Register here.