In a very relevant and timely Bread & Brains session in October, Eduard Nazarski, Director of Amnesty International Netherlands, spoke about the current state of Human Rights in Russia. Nazarski indicated among other things that for many people in Russia, the abstract concept of Human Rights is not a priority. Furthermore the collaboration between President Putin and the Orthodox Church in Russia, which both focus on the idea of a ‘Russian Soul’, limits the borders between which minorities can move.

One of the questions from the audience addressed the fact that Russia is a party to the European Convention of Human Rights but that it is not kept accountable to it through for example the European Court of Human Rights. Eduard Nazarski pointed out that Amnesty International does not have a tradition of taking human rights violations to the Court, but that this may be reconsidered in the future.

A summary report of this lecture can be found on the Bread & Brains page.