SID NL Member Event
“Increasingly Inclusive:
The Importance of Involving All”


It is with pleasure that we invite you to our exclusive SID NL Member Special “Increasingly Inclusive: The Importance of Involving All” on Thursday 24th of November 2016 from 16:00 hrs till 18:00 hrs at the International Institute of Social Studies,  The Hague.  We are proud to have you as a member and we hope together we can make this day remarkable! 

We will have 2 discussions and 2 workshops taking place; you will be able to participate in 1 of our in-depth discussions and 1 interactive workshop. Please register for the discussion and workshop of your choice at the entrance desk. First come, first serve!

In-Depth Discussions: 

“Inclusion Works!”
By Yetnebersh Nigussie  of Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD)

Leave no one behind! Importance of inclusion of people with disabilities in development cooperation and human rights.

“Responding to the Refugee Crisis: Stretching Borders with Action and Dialogue”
By Christiaan Hogenhuis of Oikos and Annette Bombeke of VluchtelingenWerk

Annette Bombeke will share insights into the current work on the inside and outside of the EU-borders of VluchtelingenWerk, whereas Christiaan Hogenhuis (Oikos) will shed light on the need for a deeper understanding of what is happening in- and outside these borders to humanise the debate in the Netherlands.


Youth Participation: Can We Do It Differently?”
By Robbert de Waerdt  of Oxfam Novib

An interactive workshop aiming to present the approach of Oxfam Novib, to explore what working with young people means to us and to facilitate a fruitful sharing of ideas and experiences on how we can involve young people in the decision-making processes.

“Drawing the Line: Benefits of a Participatory Approach.”
By Tesora  Veliscek  of WomenWin

Women Win and Going to School India designed Drawing the Line as a toolbox to inspire participants in setting standards of protection and safety for programmes. During this session you will experience this tool first-hand and learn the benefits of this participatory approach.

At the Butterfly Bar

Please register via this link and feel free to bring 1 guest and introduce him/her to our global network!

Let’s get together and find out how we can make society more inclusive!