As an institutional member of the SID Netherlands, your organisation will be part of an expanding network of (international) experts and professionals in the field of international cooperation and development. You will have access to SID publications and SID lectures with fascinating guest speakers on contemporary issues of development cooperation. To become a member, send an email to membership (@) 

Advantages include:

  • Subscription to the quarterly SID Journal Development, flagship journal of SID, and leading publication worldwide in the area of international development
  • Online access to the SID journal ‘Development’
  • Free admission for at least one person to the SID NL Lecture Series
  • Discount on admission fees for other activities by SID NL
  • Discount on publications of SID NL
  • Access to the International SID forum website
  • An invitation to the Biannual Membership Meeting of SID NL
  • Membership to SID International
  • Relevant activities of your company will be added to the SID NL News letters
  • Access to SID NL network
  • Opportunities to meet & greet guest speakers and possibly coordinate their inclusion in company activities be further discussed with the SID NL team

Small Organisations

For academic institutessmall and medium enterprises and small non-profit organisations with an annual turnover of a maximum of € 250,000.00 the annual membership fee is € 250.00

Large Organisations

For larger organisation or companies with an annual turnover of more than € 250,000.00 the annual membership fee is  € 1000.00.


Our Institutional Members are: