Jan Aart Scholte (University of Gothenburg / University of Warwick) succesfully opened the 2013-2014 lecture series ‘Dispersed Power in a World in Transition’ with a lively lecture on ‘Geo-politics and Changing Power Relations’. He discussed the power shifts we are witnessing today in world politics. There are redistributions of power with the rise of emerging countries, and re-scalings of power with the rise of local, regional, and global governance actors. In his lecture Scholte emphasised the diverse and multifaceted nature of the contemporary globalised world. He suggests a critical and flexible approach, one that surpasses traditional thinking and enables people to  connect on many levels. He acknowledged the many challenges that global actors face, yet stresses that, in these globalised times especially, an optimistic approach is indispensable for one to move forward.

Read the Summary Report here, or read the blogs of the Lecture by Ben Thorne and Stephanie Ragghoe (both VU University).

Watch the short video, summarising the main points, below: