In April 2011, the Society for International Development Netherlands and the International Institute of Social Studies, presented a lecture by Professor Daniel Bach of the University of Bordeaux as part of the Kapuscinski Lecture Series. In this series experts from around the world deliver lectures on development in European Union countries.

The series “Kapuscinski Lectures” is named after Ryszard Kapuscinski, a Polish reporter and writer who covered developing countries, and is organised jointly by the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, partner universities and development think-tanks.

Prof. Daniel Bach was invited to deliver the first Kapuscinski Lecture to take place in the Netherlands. His lecture was titled

The EU’s Strategic Partnership with Africa – a Model Lost in Translation?’

During the past decade, emerging countries and a number of corporate players have come to see the African continent as a pioneering front. Bach argues that such representations do not apply to the analysis of Africa-EU interactions. Public pledges to build a ‘strategic’ inter-continental relationship with Africaare undermined by European policy orientations that undercut such an objective. Europe’s ‘Africa policy’ is de facto about trade liberalisation, the endorsement of European norms, constructive disengagement in the field of peace-keeping and, most importantly, the securitisation of external frontiers and borderlands. In his lecture, Bach will make a number of suggestions on how this situation can be improved so that a true strategic partnership between the EU andAfrica can emerge.

For the programme and more information on the Kapuscinski Lecture Series, please click here. The report on the  lecture by Daniel Bach and the discussion afterwards can be found here.