In 2009, a line up of leading international experts on the subject of population and development were invited to The Hague for a series of six lectures, held at the Institute of Social Studies (ISS). The lectures were co-organised by SID Netherlands, the World Population Foundation (WPF), and the ISS. The principle speakers invited from abroad were also joined by leading experts from the Netherlands, who provided comments and discussion.

The purpose of the lecture series was to revive attention to issues of population policy, bringing them back into public debate in the Netherlands.

To download the folder on the Poulation Question and Development lecture series please click here.

Final Report The Population Question and Development


1: Opening lecture: The Global Demographic Transition: Its Consequences and Implications for Development, Tim Dyson and Michel Garenne – 23 April 2009. PPT Tim DysonSummary Tim DysonPPT Garenne. VideoLecture

2: Population, Migration and Urbanisation, Nigel Harris and Mahmood Messkoub – 14 May 2009.  VideoLecture

3: Population and Generation, John Cleland and Joris Voorhoeve – 18 June 2009. PPT ClelandVideoLecture

4: Population and Gender, Mari Simonen and Wendy Harcourt – 17 September 2009.  VideoLecture

5: Population, Livelihood and Environment, Xizhe Peng and Jeroen van Ginneken – 22 October 2009. VideoLecture

6: Population Growth – Is it still an issue? Steven W. Sinding and Bert Koenders – 12 November 2009 Speech SindingSpeech KoendersVideoLecture

News paper article ‘Rem bevolkingsgroei Afrika af, anders gaat het mis’ by M. Schenkel in NRC Handelsblad, 19 November 2009 (in Dutch) Read more…