From May to December 2011 SID NL and the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) organised a series of four lectures on the theme of Agriculture, Rural Employment and Inclusive Growth. The aim of the lecture series was to bring together critical minds within the field of rural development studies to discuss key issues in the rural sector, as valuable input into the academic and policy debate surrounding agriculture.

The four lectures and the discussions afterwards are compiled in a booklet (free publication).

foodfirst_beeldmerk1This Lecture Series is part of ‘Food First’, a program supported by NCDO aiming to put the food and agriculture-issue at the heart of the political debate.



3 May: Andries du Toit Output:
The Government of Poverty and the Art of Survival: Jobless De-agrarianization, Livelihoods and Policy in South Africa Summary Report
23 June 2011: Kevin Cleaver Output:
Rural Poverty: The Fate of the Smallholder Summary Report
4 October 2011: Camilla Toulmin Output:
Whose Food, Whose Farm? Summary Report
PowerPoint Presentation
12 December 2011: Olivier de Schutter Output:
A Tale of Four Hungers Summary Report
Video Report part 1
Video Report part 2
Video Report part 3