SID-NL and NIMD Spring Debate Series: Doing Democracy Differently

In our spring debate series, SID-NL and NIMD look at global and inspiring forms of new political engagement, with a link to the political developments in the Netherlands such as the elections campaign and the aftermath of the Dutch elections. A new trend has surfaced in recent years: the general tendency to question democratic values. The Dutch Ukraine Referendum, the Brexit referendum in the UK, the US elections, as well as the Italian referendum confirm that citizens have lost faith in their political leaders. They want to have more direct influence or they turn their back towards the formal political institutions and focus on extra-parliamentary activities. The guiding questions for this series is therefore ‘Can we do democracy in a different way?’ Can we think of a ways in which political parties and politicians change in such a way so that citizens can rely on them again? And if these new ways of doing democracy are already happening, how are they working?