In Europe’s relations with developing countries new and interconnected issues of global nature are emerging. These include new actors in international development, Europe’s energy security and climate change. All these discussions take place in times of wide-ranging global challenges, and at a time, when questions of European identity loom large in national debates.

It is crucial that decisions and policies on emerging matters are based on good research and sound evidence. Moreover, the public debate needs to be informed by research voices. European Development Co-operation to 2020 therefore aims at improving EU policy makers’ and other societal actors’ shared understanding of emerging challenges facing EU development policy and external action.

More information on the project can be found on the EDC2020 website

In order to reach practitioners directly through various policy briefings and workshops, SID NL has been involved in this three year project as dissemination partner.

In cooperation with the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) SID NL organized three briefing sessions for Parliamentarians and Policy Makers on the three research areas.

29 October 2008: New actors in international cooperation – “The EU, Africa and China: opportunities and challenges of a trilateral cooperation”. REPORT 

23 March 2010: Climate change – “Post Copenhagen, Practical Consequences for Europe”. REPORT

9 February 2011: Energy Security – “Post Lisbon: How to achieve coherence between energy security and development policies” REPORT

The closing session of the three year project took place on 10 February 2011, during which workpackage leaders presented the results of their research and their recommendations. Please click here for the report and key messages of the project.