On 19 September 2013, Jan Pronk of the Institute for Social Studies (ISS) gave a lecture on the future of international development and international cooperation. We are doing it wrong, says Pronk.

Although many experts in academics, international organisations, governments and the media seem to think that we are on the right track in the field of international cooperation and development cooperation, Pronk argues that the international community has been on the wrong track since the beginning of the Millennium, and that major reform is required. The 9/11 attacks, the subsequent invasion of Iraq by the United States, the non-implementation of the Kyoto Protocol and the lack of action in the aftermath of the 2002 Johannesburg Conference on Development and the Environment are only a few results of this ‘wrong track’. An analysis of what is wrong exactly in the current approach towards development cooperation is necessary to reveal which approach should be used instead.

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